We believe there are three things that have to work in unison when it comes to corporate sound:

a brand’s very core, a celver strategy and an extra-ordinary creation.

That's what we aspire to do; enthuse people to a brand’s values through music.


Everything starts out with an idea. In order to find it, we screen a brands USP, core values, overall positioning and global-branding-strategies. We tap into their history and gather what several competitive brands sounds like. We keep in close contact with target groups and examine via what touchpoints we get through to them. This is the foundation of our sound-strategy. In close collaboration with the the people behind it, we establish a brands characteristic aspects, values and messages to set the tone for their corporate sound.

We gather all tools needed to make sure all technical and creative conditions are given so that a brands sounds is carried out through all relevant medias.


The creative-phase is the process of making the core-idea of a strategy audible so that by the end of it we’ve established something truly one-of-a-kind.
That’s why we draw upon all elements of sound - vocals, ambience, foley, sound design and instrumentation. Doing so we creative a sonic atmosphere that carries the brand’s DNA while being flexible enough to adapt to all kinds of potential contact points. 


A corporate sound is complete only when it’s capable of reaching all its listeners in one way or another. That’s why we develop guidelines for implementing sound elements and coach not only your Company but your business partners as well. We accompany you through your internal and external launch and monitor your brands evaluation.




Germany is not the only country NIVEA has established itself as a synonym for skin cream in. 

NIVEA calls the shots on skincare and beauty products internationally as well. And men certainly aren’t excluded from their spectrum of products.

For their global relaunch of all NIVEA brands, nhb was commissioned to come up with a new soundlogo for NIVEA MEN.

The challange: bringing the (skin)-care aspect together with modernity and masculinity in a brand new sound embodiment. At the forefront of the creative process: confidence and energy. Or as the new claim reads -

"It starts with you". 

Client: Beiersdorf

Agentur: Draftfcb


What we did: 

Sound-Logo composition & sound-design


The previous BMW sound-logo breaks new ground focussing on the sound itself. Passing on abundant instrumentation or complicated melodic structures, it pulls away from common mechanisms and concentrates on sound design. Especially its reduced production is what makes it so special. All the space the new sound-world creates absolutely radiates souvereignty without awkwardly pushing itself to the front of everything.


A worldwide story of success

This sound-logo has been accompanying the German premium brand since 2000 all over the world. Awarded gold at the Art Directors Club Germany and one Effie the BMW sound-logo we created is one of the world’s most famous sonic brandings to date.


Client: BMW

Agency: Jung von Matt


What we did: 

conception of worldwide soundlogo

sound design

mixing & mastering


What does a brand sound like that consistently breaks all the rules?


Hornbach’s ever-surprising communication never fails to charmingly disregard the advertising industry’s conventions. That’s why their corporate sound had to be cut loose from all expectations and standards. 

We started with „It has got to sound different.“ and developed one of Germany’s most memorable and succesful soundlogos of all time.

The RMS Soundlogo-Check of 2009 ranked it at #1 with an incredible ratio of 95% of popularity and it also scored #2 of the RMS Soundlogo-Check eternal best-list.

What we did: 

conception of sound-logo

composition & sound-design

mixing & mastering

NIVEA creme

What does a mother’s love sound like? That was the core question of NIVEA’s music strategy. Different from NIVEA MEN, where primarily the sound-logo was supposed to carry out the corporate claim and provide for memorability, it quickly came to show: this is about much more. A story, a song.
A song about the love of a mother.


Our song „I’ll Take Care Of You“ - a sentimental ballad we composed specifically for this case - became the soundtrack of NIVEA’s campaign and has travelled the world for and alongside NIVEA ever since it’s launch. 

„This goes to show, that the song transportet just what NIVEA stands for“, said Jörg Grünwald, VP Marketing Germany & Coordination Europe at Beiersdorf.


Client: Beiersdorf AG


What we did: 

-brand-, competition- & target group analysis

-corporate sound strategy

-brand song incl. worldwide adaption

-composition, recording und production in 3 languages

-consulting & supervision

- mixing & mastering



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